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Eyelash Extensions Syracuse is here to help you get those beautiful full lashes you always have wanted!

Welcome To Eyelash Extensions Syracuse!

Welcome to eyelash extensions Syracuse NY where we have reasonable prices and do phenomenal work.

Great lashes take time, especially when you are doing them on your own. Strip lashes from the drugstore are uncomfortable and horrible to put on. Skip the stress and get eyelash extensions from us.

Why would you do all of the hard work when we can do it for you? Save yourself the energy you use to get ready in the morning and let eyelash extensions upgrade your look.

Enhance your eyes, lift your eyelashes, and add fullness to your eyes with longer eyelashes that mascara could never achieve. Let yourself get pampered with the most flawless lash extensions Syracuse has ever laid their eyes on.

We offer a full lash boosting service menu. Our lash bar offers eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting, and eyelash lifting to give your eyes that special pop.

Syracuse eyelashes

Eyelash Extensions Syracuse NY

We have cultivated a culture of lash love at our salon. We have been passionate about eyelash extensions for a long time. This passion has turned into amazing lash applications every single time.

Our values:

  • Natural lash care - we value the integrity of your natural eyelashes. We have taken the time to thoroughly search for the best lash adhesive we could find. With high end products comes high end care for your natural lashes.
  • Proper application - We are exceptionally trained for proper eyelash application. Our lash artists are meticulous with your eyelash procedure to ensure you will have lasting results without damage to your natural lash.

Our goals:

  • Lash knowledge - We want to properly educate you when it comes to Syracuse eyelash extensions. We will explain our process and important lash facts before your appointment to make sure we are all on the same page. It is important for you to know what is going on.
  • Relaxing experience - We are sure you will have a nice relaxing time while you are here with us. We keep our salon in tip top shape and always have calming music playing that will help soothe your body.

Our mission:

  • Innovation - It is our mission to innovate the lash industry and give the best eyelash extensions Syracuse NY has to offer. Our techniques are cutting-edge and we are always training our staff to stay up to date with trends.
  • Enhancing your beauty - Everyone has their own unique and beautiful facial features. The best fake eyelashes Syracuse can apply will enhance your most appealing features.

We apply the best eyelash extensions Syracuse has ever seen because we make your experience and your eyelashes unique and special to you. We give you a custom fit design that you can't replicate anywhere else.

Why Choose Us?

We are the number one choice for eyelash extension application. Our lash artists take time to place lash extensions on as many of your natural lashes as possible. This will give you the fullest false lashes Syracuse has to offer every time.

Our salon is the leader in having a clean and disinfected salon. We continually educate our team about how to properly keep a clean area with sanitized tools. We are always following New York state guidelines for salon safety.

Important aspects of our salon include:

  1. Professionalism. We will always treat you with the respect and kindness that you deserve
  2. Continual education. We encourage our lash team to continually take training courses to stay up to date with the latest techniques and application styles
  3. Locally owned. We have been helping the community get the best eyelash extensions Syracuse NY has ever applied because we love our city and the women who live here. We want to continue to show our love by staying in the community and staying loyal to our clients. .
  4. Client happiness. We are nothing without you and your support. It is so important to us that you always feel happy from the time you walk in until the time you leave. Our lash artists thrive on giving you the lash extensions you wish to have.

We want to hear from you today. Call us so we can answer all of your questions and get you an appointment in our busy schedule. We can’t enhance your beauty.

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What To Expect?

syracuse eyelashes extensions

Before you arrive:

  • Call and make an appointment to ensure that we will have time to have you come in.
  • Come prepared to relax for at least 2 hours. This time is for you and for you lash artist to apply as many eyelash extensions as possible.
  • Ditch the caffeine a few hours before your appointment. We can't safely apply lashes on a jittery body. Set yourself up for relaxation success.
  • Clean your lashes. Take off any makeup you have on around your eyes. Mascara needs to be completely off to give your lash artists a clean slate.

While you’re here:

  • We will greet you and take you back to your lash application area.
  • You will lay back and relax while you are getting the fullest Syracuse eyelash extensions put on.
  • You will try to lay as calm and relaxed and avoid heavy conversation that might interfere with your lash artist’s application and concentration.
  • Most people doze off and take a lash nap and that is okay with us.

When you’re gone:

  • Cleanse your eyelash extensions daily. Bacteria builds up on unwashed lash lines and can cause irritation. Daily cleansing will keep your lash line fresh.
  • Don’t pull on your false eyelashes. They will fall out prematurely if you're tugging on them.
  • Comb your lashes often with an eyelash brush. This helps the lashes lay where they are supposed to.

Customers choose us because we have the highest quality lash glue that you can find on the market. Our products are long lasting and this makes our clients happy. Don’t waste your money by getting lashes anywhere else.

Lash Bar Menu

Boost your look with any of our lash services we provide. Your eyelashes will thank you when you choose our most nourishing services that will give you confidence with all that life throws at you. We pride ourselves in pristine lash service applications with every person that comes through our doors.

Classic Eyelash Set

The classic eyelash extension technique involves a ratio of 1:1 lash extension and natural lash. This style of lashes is great for the natural look that a lot of women are interested in. Classic lashes are adhered to the amount of natural lashes that you have, so it is not an optimal service for someone who has sparse eyelashes and wants to fill in the empty gaps. Add length and darkness to your natural lashes to give them an upgrade.

Volume Eyelash Set

The volume eyelash extension technique involves a ratio of 2-4:1 lash extensions and a natural lash. This style of lashes is great for a full and dramatic look that women are interested in. Volume lashes are handmade false eyelash fans that are adhered to your natural lashes and they fill in the empty spots that you may have in your sparse eyelashes.

Hybrid Eyelash Set

The hybrid eyelash extension technique involves a mix of classic ratio of 1:1 and volume ratio of 2-4:1. This style of lashes is a great transitional service or for someone who has a few gaps they want filled in without such a dramatic look. Hybrid lashes involve single lash extensions and handmade fake eyelashes added into the natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension Removal

Give us 20-30 minutes of your time and we will have the lash extension removal process finished. This service is so quick and is available to anyone who is ready to have their eyelashes Syracuse taken off. We want to take your eyelash extensions off instead of having you do the removal at home. We are specially trained to stay away from damaging your natural eyelashes during the process.

Eyelash Lifting

The lash lifting Syracuse technique involves placing a comfortable silicone rod above your lash line and adhering your natural lashes to the curve of the rod. Then we apply a keratin infused lash lift lotion that semi-permanently curls your eyelashes while nourishing them. This service is great for anyone who needs to add some curl to their eyelashes, but isn’t ready for eyelash extensions at the moment. You will have the curliest lashes Syracuse has ever been able to apply.

Eyelash Tinting

The eyelash tinting technique is done by adding pigmented coloring cream to your natural eyelashes and tinting them a darker color. The lash tinting products we use are state of the art and completely customizable. We let you decide what color you want your eyelashes to be. Add darkness to your natural eyelashes to add the appearance of extra length and fullness

About Syracuse

Syracuse is a city in New York with a humid climate and extreme snowfall. The city gets the most amount of snowfall every year in the country. The weather throughout the year stays on the cooler side.

Syracuse is known for its harsh winters, Syracuse University, and their salt-mining history. Industrial companies have left the city and this has hurt the economy. The top employers in the city are education, healthcare, and the service industry.

The population is around 145,000 people with a median age of about 30.

The cities that encompass Syracuse include:

  1. Fairmount, NY
  2. Fairmount, NY
  3. Solvay, NY
  4. Mattydale, NY
  5. Westvale, NY
  6. Galeville, NY
  7. Lyncourt, NY
  8. East Syracuse, NY
  9. Nedrow, NY
  10. Liverpool, NY
  11. Other surrounding areas

Happy Clients

My lash technician did a phenomenal job on my eyelash extensions. They look so full compared to my flimsy natural eyelashes. I feel so good having these on.

Kathy H.

Clean salon and kind staff. I will be back for sure! In all of the years that I’ve had eyelash extensions they have never looked better than they do now that I come to this salon.

Brittney J.

syracuse eyelashes

I wasn’t sure what getting eyelash extensions entailed and my lash artist took the time to walk me through the process. I was so relaxed during my appointment. I caught myself asleep a few times. My eyelash extensions look amazing and I’m so glad I got them put on.

Kelley D.

Frequently asked questiona

Can you wear fake lashes with eyelash extensions?

We prefer that you do not wear false lashes with lash extensions. The glue that is used to apply strip lashes will make your extensions stick together and clump up.

What eyelash extensions style is the most popular?

Volume eyelashes are the best false eyelashes and the most popular because they make even the thinnest natural eyelashes look full.

Will heat ruin my eyelash extensions?

Heat will melt your eyelash extensions and cause them to singe. Avoid heat on your eyelash extensions at all costs.

How much do lash extensions cost?

Prices vary for each service we provide at our Syracuse eyelash company. Call us today to learn more about our pricing options.

Are there lash extensions near me?

By simply typing “eyelash extensions near me” and “lashes near me”, you will find us in the Syracuse area. We are the top salon for eyelash extensions.

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Skip the stress and the mess of mascara or strip lashes and get the best eyelash extensions Syracuse NY has to offer you. We want you to wake up and feel better than ever. You won't find a better lash adhesive or extension tools and materials anywhere else.

Boost your confidence with eyelash extensions and tackle your life head on in glamour. Lashes will enhance your most appealing qualities and leave lasting results.

Call our salon as soon as possible to book your special time with a highly certified lash technician. We want you to feel like a celebrity and will make sure to do that for you.

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